5 Favorite Blogs

Here is a quick list of five of my favorite blogs that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

1. Sassy Kitchen

sassy kitchen 1

For the past three years, I have been a patron of the gluten free diet. While its benefits have been huge and it has positively changed my lifestyle, it has left eating bland. And although my knowledge of the regime has grown extensively since I first began, there is so much to learn. A common perception of gluten free food is that it is bland, cardboard-like and boring. However, I have learned these don’t have to be true. That is why I love Julia Gartland’s blog, Sassy Kitchen.

sassy kitchen 2

Gartland is a self-taught cook and baker whose undiagnosed stomach problems led her to adopt and explore the gluten free diet. Though a photography student, Gartland combines her photography experience and love for gluten free food in her blog. Her passion and love for exploration and constant discovery are visible through her various recipes. I love her blog because it explores how gluten free food can be tasty and easy to make, and I am also drawn to her photography. Her photography skills go beyond her recipe posts. Gartland has another blog focused solely on her food photography portfolio.


2. Purely Twins

This blog is run by two twin sisters who focus on diet, fitness and overall lifestyle. In addition to these aspects, they tie all interests into positive body image and overall mental and physical wellness. Their posts cover recipes, fitness workouts, health issues and lifestyle advice. Along with these, they implement personality by sharing their own experiences and journeys.

purely twins 1

I love how this blog is so diverse and while it covers so many aspects, it focuses on overall physical and mental well-being. In addition, the blog is devoted to gluten free diet recipes. I also enjoy Lori and Michelle’s connection to their readers through their Q&A Videos, fitness videos and blog posts that easily catch up with readers and share their personal stories.

3. Hey Nadine

hey nadine 1

Like many people, I dream of traveling the world and discovering its many people and cultures. Nadine Sykora’s blog, Hey Nadine, records her life as a travel vlogger, blogger and comedy youtuber who has visited over forty-five countries over the past five years. Nadine’s blogs take you through everything she did and links all activities and places, and includes her YouTube videos with entries. Nadine is informative at the same time as she keeps things light and entertaining. She also includes topics such as beauty, fashion and food and incorportates them with her travels, such as one of her posts which links the video, “Trying Healthy Chinese Snacks.” Nadine’s Instagram and Twitter are also full of great pictures from her travels.

4. A Beautiful Mess

a beautiful mess 1

A Beautiful Mess is run by sisters Elsie Larson and Lauren Chapman, who focus on creating and living a homemade lifestyle through DIY home décor, recipes, style and crafts, as well as implemented parts of their everyday lives. Elsie and Lauren are also the creators of two photo apps: A Beautiful Mess and Party Party. They target audiences, like me, who aren’t experts in the fields of décor, cooking and crafting, and share simple and easy-to follow DIY’s as well as relevant tips on business, blogging, photography and happiness. There is such a variety of topics that they cover. They keep things interesting and easy.

5. Joy the Baker

joy the baker 1

Joy Wilson is a self-taught baker that became a professional baker that grew up in California and now lives in New Orleans. What I love about this blog is its visual appeal as well as its unique character. The blog has a very clean, fresh appearance. The featured images, which are mainly of food, are appetizing and professional. The writing has flavor. It is honest and witty with a hint of sarcasm. Joy, the author, is targeting a food-loving audience that has a bit of youth and hipness, as seen through her writing.







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